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Make you live unforgettable experiences during your stay in the Loire Valley.

We will explain the Anjou so that your stay in guest house Au Val des Cèdres is a nice interlude.

The best historical sites that will amaze you :

– The castle of Plessis-Bourré. The elegant (medieval fortress announcing the Renaissance) 4 kms
– The castle of Angers. The most defensive (feudal fortress) to 17 kms
– The castle of Durtal. The Medieval (splendor of royalty) 20 kms
– The castle of Bauge The legendary (Pre-Renaissance style, simplicity and elegance) 30 kms
– Castle Brissac Brissac. The highest in Europe (seven floors, 48 ​​m high) at 30 kms
Serrant Castle. The most authentic (beautiful collection of furniture and works) at 30 kms
– The castle Plessis-Macé The most theatrical (flamboyant Gothic style) at 15 kms
– The castle of Saumur. The unique (typical castle of fairy tale) at 50 kms
– The Royal Abbey of Fontevraud 60 kms

The best parks and gardens that will intoxicate you :
Terra Botanica Universe of the plant theme park 14kms
Camifolia Garden of medicinal and aromatic plants at 40 kms
The paths of the Rose Garden with various varieties of roses at 50 kms
Oriental Park Exceptional Japanese Garden 70 kms

Animal parks that will surprise you :
La Flèche Zoo More than 1600 species a place to discover at 35 kms
Bioparc More than 1200 species in a troglodyte universe at 50 kms

Without forgetting the discovery of :
• Charming villages,
• Cave dwellings
• Vineyards from Angers to Saumur
• Museums
• Discovery areas
• Trade shows at the Angers exhibition center (Sival, Sepem …)
Horse races
Horse racing at Lion d’Angers

As well as other leisure activities nearby:
• Cruise on the Sarthe aboard the boat La Cocagne
• Airplane ride, balloon ride
• Horse riding
• Golf
• Peach
• Cycling, walking
• Canoe kayak rental or training
• Rental of electric boats and pedal boats
• Local crafts (ceramist, …)
• Shops
• Local and natural products
Great Theater Angers
Schows and concerts at Angers
Restau Théâtre at Angers
Equestrian Cabaret

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